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Dr Kieran O’Sullivan is back on the Physio Edge podcast after talking about hamstring injuries, this time discussing his other big area of interest and expertise - chronic low back pain (CLBP). In this episode, Kieran and David Pope discuss

  • Recent research on CLBP
  • Central vs peripheral contributions to CLBP
  • Sitting postures and behaviours, and the relationship of this to pain
  • Is there an ideal sitting posture, and does changing sitting behaviour change CLBP?
  • Manual therapy in CLBP
  • Lumbar kyhposis/lordosis
  • Physical and psychological interventions for CLBP
  • The effect of exercise on CLBP
  • Movement patterns and retraining in chronic pain states
  • The challenges of talking to patients about chronic pain states


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The role of muscle strength in hamstring injury. Kieran O Sullivan and Cian McGinley. 2010. Nova Publications

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