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Lateral elbow pain (lateral epicondylalgia/tennis elbow) affects , and can respond fantastically to Physiotherapy treatment, or in other patients with a similar presentation, not at all. 

Dr Leanne Bisset is a Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy lecturer and researcher at [Griffith University][GU] in Queensland, Australia that has extensively researched and published on lateral elbow pain, and spends the majority of her clinical time treating the upper limb and lateral elbow.

This is a two part podcast, and in Part 1, episode 44 of the Physio Edge podcast, David Pope and Dr Leanne Bisset discuss:

  • Why is Lateral Epicondylalgia (LE) difficult to treat?
  • What tissue pathology exists in LE
  • Pain pattern for LE
  • Patient reports that will help your diagnosis of LE
  • Important aspects to communicate with your patients regarding their LE
  • Objective tests that you can perform
  • Patient advice
  • Should you rest your patients or provide exercises?
  • How is tendinopathy in the Upper Limb different to the Lower Limb?
  • Commencing treatment
  • How to incorporate manual therapy into your treatment
  • Exercises you can start your treatment with
  • Should you include isometric exercises for lateral elbow pain
  • How often should your patients perform their exercises
  • Exercise into pain, or avoid pain?

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