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All golfers want to hit as far as Tiger Woods, but without the injuries. How can you treat the injuries in your golfing patients, prevent further injury and improve their “coachability” and performance?

Golfers regularly need Physio treatment for injuries like tendinopathy around the elbow, low back and neck pain, and plenty of other injuries. In episode 8 of the Physio Edge podcast, I chat with Matt Green of High Performance Golf about

  • Common golf injuries
  • How to assess and treat golfers
  • Technique errors that contribute to injury
  • Tendinopathy around the elbow
  • Assessing the golf swing
  • Strengthening and motor control
  • Advice to give your golfers and
  • plenty more.

If you treat golfers, or would like to treat more golfers, get stuck into this episode free on iTunes, and brought to you by the podcast sponsor Clinical Edge.

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