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PE #025 Groin Assessment with Dr Kristian Thorborg

PE025 Groin assessment with Dr Kristian Thorborg

How can you identify the reason your patient has groin pain and the structures that may be causing it? Groin pain is one of the most common issues in a lot of sports, particularly the football codes, and in episode 25 of the Physio Edge podcast, David Pope talks to Dr Kristian Thorborg about assessment of the groin.

Some of the topics we discuss on this podcast include:

Types of groin injuries Identifying and diagnosing groin pain and injury Groin vs hip pain Tests you can perform to identify the irritated or painful structures The relevance of diagnostic imaging, and when to refer for this Hip and Groin Outcome Score (HAGOS) Using the HAGOS in your clinic Adductor related groin pain Hip flexor related groin pain Abdominal related groin pain The hip joint Pubic symphysis Sports Hernias Testing hip strength Assessment of function And much more!

I had Kristian on the Physio Edge podcast for episode 21 discussing hamstring injury prevention, and wanted to get him back to discuss his other area of special interest - the groin. I am sure you will get as much out of this episode with Kristian as I did, and you will be all over diagnosis of groin pain by the end of the episode. Enjoy!

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