Physio Edge podcast

When swimmers and overhead athletes have superior & anterior shoulder pain, what are your likely diagnoses? How can you successfully treat shoulder pain that improves with rest from sport, then comes back each time they return to training or sport? Find out in this podcast with Jo Gibson (Clinical Physiotherapy Specialist), where you’ll discover:

  • What are your likely diagnoses?
  • Distal clavicular osteolysis (DCO) - what is it?
  • How to differentially diagnose acromial apophysitis/apophylysis (AA) in young overhead athletes.
  • What are common areas of pain and aggravating movements in DCO patients?
  • Common training errors and weight training exercises that can cause or aggravate symptoms.
  • Which athletes are likely to develop DCO, and common mechanisms of injury.
  • Imaging you need to order.
  • What Xray and other imaging reveals in DCO.
  • What are potential long term issues following DCO, and how can this be avoided?
  • The MOST important treatment for patients with DCO and AA.
  • How can DCO be successfully managed?
  • How to modify work activities in DCO patients.
  • How long recovery takes.
  • Why asymptomatic stress tests and palpation doesn’t mean your patient is safe to return to sport.
  • How to work with coaches when your patients are experiencing DCO.
  • How to successfully return DCO patients to sport.

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