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What are the best rehab options for patients with an irreparable rotator cuff tear? Can we predict which patients will do well and how long rehab will take?

Find out in this podcast with Jo Gibson (Clinical Physiotherapy Specialist), discussing rehab options, a patient case study and the latest evidence for massive rotator cuff tear (MRCT) rehab. Discover:

  • When patients are unable to have surgery, what rehab options are available to rehab MRCT?
  • What is classified as a MRCT?
  • What common issues do patients with MRCT face?
  • What proprioceptive deficits exist in MRCT patients functionally and on fMRI?
  • Is the “Anterior deltoid program” really the best rehab program for MRCT patients?
  • What MRCT rehab exercises & programs are supported by the latest research?
  • Which MRCT patients are likely to respond to rehab?
  • Is scapular dyskinesis important to target in MRCT rehab?
  • When patients are unable to lie supine, and are therefore unable to complete the anterior deltoid program, what options are available for rehab?
  • How do rotator cuff imaging results help guide treatment?
  • Which rotator cuff tendons need to be intact for successful rehab?
  • Specific exercise ideas and progressions that can be used in rehab.
  • How long is recovery likely to take?
  • What key messages are important to convey to patients?
  • What is the evidence for injections in MRCT, including prolotherapy, PRP?
  • How can rehab programs target subscapularis strength?
  • Is humeral head depression an important component in rehab?

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