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Time for some detective work - can you diagnose the cause of this man’s shoulder pain? Listen out for the clues in this interesting case study.

When your shoulder pain patient has bilateral shoulder pain after starting a gym program, difficulty lifting their arms overhead due to weakness, significant bilateral scapular winging and muscle atrophy, what are your potential diagnoses?

Find out in this case study with Jo Gibson (Clinical Physiotherapy Specialist), and discover:

  • When patients have uncommon shoulder pain presentations, what potential diagnoses can you keep in mind?
  • How does it impact your diagnosis if your patient has difficulty smiling, whistling and drinking through a straw?
  • What’s this patients’ diagnosis?
  • What tests can be performed to confirm the diagnosis?
  • Which muscles are commonly affected?
  • How much muscle weakness commonly occurs?
  • What is the long term prognosis for this condition?
  • What treatment is supported by the evidence?
  • Are braces helpful?
  • Which medical specialists are important to include in diagnosis & management?

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