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Stress fractures and bone stress injuries in running patients need to be identified early, to allow recovery before the injury worsens and requires extensive time away from running. When should you suspect a stress fracture or a bone stress injury (BSI) in your running patients? Find out in the podcast with Tom Goom (Running Physio), and explore:

  • How to identify stress fractures & BSI’s in your patients.
  • Which patients are at greater risk of developing BSI or stress fractures?
  • Features in your patient history, including past & medical history, onset & aggravating factors that increase your suspicion of a stress fracture.
  • Which BSI’s are “high risk”?
  • Common training errors that lead to a stress fracture.
  • What tests can be performed in your objective assessment to help diagnose stress fractures?
  • How to differentiate tendon pain from bone stress injuries
  • Will bruising or swelling appear with bone stress fractures?
  • How palpation can help your diagnosis
  • Why common assessment tests are often painfree in bone stress injuries.
  • When imaging is important.
  • Which imaging modalities to request when you suspect a stress fracture or BSI.

Improve your identification and assessment of stress fractures and bone stress injuries now with this podcast.


Your comprehensive guide to ITB assessment & treatment with Tom Goom

If you treat runners, walkers, cyclists or rowers you'll regularly see patients with lateral knee pain from an irritated iliotibial band (ITB).

What causes ITB syndrome? How can you assess, diagnose and successfully treat it?

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  • Video 2 - How to quickly & accurately assess ITBS, other potential diagnoses, and a common ITB test you can stop doing now.

  • Video 3 - How to successfully treat ITBS. You'll explore practical demonstrations of exercises, gait retraining, load management and treatment you can use to get great results with your ITB patients.

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Lateral hip pain assessment, diagnosis & treatment video series

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