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Is subscapularis the forgotten part of the rotator cuff? Do we ever need to target it individually? If we do what are the best options for exercises?

Find out which patients with torn or painful shoulders benefit from targeted subscapularis rehab in this episode of the Physio Edge Shoulder success podcast with Jo Gibson. You’ll discover:

Rotator cuff & subscapularis anatomy & function.

  • Role and function of subscapularis with shoulder movement.
  • How subscapularis works with the posterior cuff and larger shoulder muscles.

Subscapularis pain & injury

  • Subscapularis tears - mechanism of injury.
  • Whether subscapularis is implicated in swimmers’ shoulder pain.

Objective assessment

  • Objective tests to assess subscapularis strength.
  • The role of special tests to identify subscap tears.

Targeted subscapularis rehabilitation

  • Which shoulder pain patients require targeted subscapularis rehab.
  • When to target subscap in post-op rehab.
  • Why and how to start subscap rehab in patients with massive rotator cuff tears
  • Exercises to target subscap.
  • How incorporating the kinetic chain can help your subscap rehab.
  • How to improve subscap recruitment with altered speed of exercise.
  • Plyometrics for subscapularis.

Subscapularis rehab in other patients

  • Stiff shoulders - using eccentric subscap exercises to improve range of movement.
  • Whether subscap should be targeted post long head of biceps (LHB) rupture.

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