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Why do some rotator cuff (RC) repair patients progress really slowly post-operatively and experience high levels of pain and sleep disturbance for long periods?

Find out in this case study and exploration of the latest evidence in this podcast with Jo Gibson (Shoulder Rehabilitation Specialist) as she reveals:

Quick or slow recovery?

  • Which patients are likely to improve quickly, and which patients are likely to take longer to improve.
  • How soon after arthroscopic RC repair your patients will experience significant improvements in pain.
  • When patients sleep is likely to improve.

Objective assessment tests

  • How to identify post-op nerve injury, red flags and infection.
  • Objective tests you can safely perform without overstressing the rotator cuff.
  • How to identify patients developing post-op frozen shoulder.

Expectations, education & reassurance

  • How to help set patient expectations for recovery before and after surgery.
  • Questions to ask patients after surgery that will help guide your treatment.
  • How to reassure patients that are experiencing pain.
  • How to explain post-op recovery to patients that are unhappy with their progress, even when their recovery is on track.

Treatment & resources

  • Activities your patients may be performing that slow their post-op recovery.
  • Positions and postures you can show patients to improve their pain in the day, and sleep at night.
  • Resources to give your post-op patients.

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