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035. Know Pain with Mike Stewart

Persistent pain can be a challenge, but also enjoyable to treat. In this episode of the Physio Edge podcast, Mike Stewart and I focus on specific examples and case studies of patients with complex or persistent pain, how you may approach persistent pain patients, explain their pain, use metaphors and explanations so they understand it, and help guide them through the recovery process.

Mike and I get into the details on:

  • Why Physios need a deep understanding of pain science
  • How does the “bio” part come into bio-pscyho-social
  • How can we identify if the patient needs pain education, further investigations, a biological approach eg specific exercise
  • How can you incorporate pain science into the treatment of patients with acute pain
  • Mike’s top tips when working with persistent pain
  • Specific case studies of patients with persistent and complex back pain, and how Mike has worked with these patients, including their presentation, beliefs, Mike’s language used in their session, activity modification and results achieved with these patients
  • How to develop our teaching skills to achieve the best results with our patients

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