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Experiencing increasing calf pain with running can be an incredibly frustrating experience for your running patients, especially when it is severely limiting or stopping them from being able to run. You can have a lot of success in helping your runners overcome running related calf pain, and in episode 66 of the Physio Edge podcast, we give you practical strategies and exercises you can use in your treatment.

Tom Goom and David Pope helped you explain the causes of calf pain to your running patients, differential diagnosis and red flags, and what you need to assess in episode 64 and episode 65, and in Episode 66 you will explore:

  • How to strengthen the calf complex
  • Strengthening for local ankle and foot muscles
  • Benefits and how to incorporate strengthening for the kinetic chain
  • Incorporating neural mobility into your treatment
  • Adjusting and progressing training loads
  • The role of gait retraining in the treatment of calf pain

If you would love to get better results with calf pain in runners, the podcast handout contains the key takehome messages for you. You can download it here.

To complement this podcast and improve your treatment of runners, Tom Goom and I have created three awesome free Achilles tendinopathy rehab videos. This is a series of three evidence-based videos to help you master Achilles treatment. CLICK HERE to get your free access to these videos

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