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042. Treatment of Plantaris & Achilles Tendinopathy with Seth O’Neill

In Episode 41 of the Physio Edge podcast, Dr Christoph Spang and I discussed how Plantaris may play a role in Achilles tendinopathy. In this episode of the Physio Edge podcast, I discuss with Seth O’Neill how you can identify Plantaris involvement in your patients, and adjust and progress your conservative treatment of Achilles pain and tendinopathy with Plantaris involvement. 

Seth O'Neill and I discuss: 

  • What indicates Plantaris involvement and helps you differentiate from mid portion Achilles Tendinopathy
  • Where do patients have pain with Plantaris tendinopathy
  • What history do patients with Plantaris involvement or tendinopathy present with
  • Objective tests and findings for Plantaris tendinopathy and involvement
  • Biomechanics contributing to Plantaris tendinopathy
  • Is treatment successful for Plantaris
  • How to treat Plantaris tendinopathy and involvement in midportion Achilles
  • How to perform a loading program
  • Running adjustments
  • aping
  • Manual therapy

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