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When your patients present with calf pain, do you have a clear understanding of the likely causes and potential differential diagnosis? Do they have any red flags that require urgent medical attention? What other issues besides a calf tear could be causing their calf pain?

It's time to brush off those diagnostic skills, to understand the types of calf pain you can treat, and which patients you need to refer on immediately.

In this podcast with Tom Goom and David Pope, we are going to break it down for you, so you are confident in assessing and diagnosing the different types of calf pain. You will understand:

  • How to identify calf muscle pathology or tears
  • When symptoms are due to neural irritation or pathology
  • Different types of vascular pathology, including popliteal artery entrapment
  • Red flags such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • What information imaging can provide

You can download a free handout containing a summary of the podcast info on differential diagnosis, which you can download here.

Tom Goom and I are really excited to share three free evidence-based Achilles tendinopathy rehabilitation videos - to help you master the treatment of achilles tendinopathy. These will be out soon, so join us for these free masterclasses


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