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Pec minor cops the blame for shoulder pain, scapular dyskinesia and all sorts of upper limb pain and “dysfunction”. Is pec minor shortness or “tightness” really responsible for shoulder pain?

In this podcast with Jo Gibson (Clinical Physiotherapy Specialist), you’ll discover whether the latest evidence supports pec minor as a major cause of shoulder pain, or whether pec minor is an innocent victim. You’ll also explore:

  • Is pec minor responsible for shoulder pain?
  • Does pec minor truly become “shortened”?
  • Is there a link between a shortened pec minor, scapular dyskinesia and risk of developing shoulder pain?
  • Should the Pectoralis minor be stretched in patients with shoulder pain?
  • Review of pec minor attachments & anatomy
  • Measurement of pec minor length has been shown in the literature to be reliable, but do we need to measure it?
  • What is the most effective way of increasing length in pec minor? Stretching, self release, taping or strengthening the rotator cuff?
  • Does pec minor stretching help to improve shoulder function, mechanics or prevent injury in overhead athletes?
  • How long do ROM improvements following pec minor stretching last?
  • If patients have a clear history of trauma, is pec minor shortness relevant?
  • Is pec minor shortness relevant in thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS)?
  • Can weightlifters develop pec minor tendinopathy?
  • Is it worth assessing pec minor length in shoulder pain patients?
  • Does the evidence support treating PM shortness in shoulder pain patients?

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