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Hip dysplasia is a commonly missed cause of hip and groin pain, catching, clicking, locking or popping, resulting from lack of coverage of the femoral head by the acetabulum.

How can you identify hip dysplasia in your hip or groin pain patients, and avoid misdiagnosing it as iliopsoas or adductor related groin pain? What signs and symptoms will your patients reveal in their subjective history that’ll help you identify this condition?

Find out the key signs and symptoms of hip dysplasia in this podcast with Tom Goom (Running Physio).

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  • 03:43 - Who develops hip dysplasia?
  • 06:35 - Objective tests
  • 09:11 - Hip dysplasia vs gluteal tendinopathy
  • 10:45 - Hip dysplasia vs femoral neck stress structure 
  • 14:13 - Key takeaways


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