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When paediatric or skeletally immature patients have shoulder pain, what diagnoses should be kept in mind? What are the potential diagnoses following trauma, in overuse injuries or “little leaguers shoulder”? What assessment and imaging is required in these patients?

Find out in this podcast with Jo Gibson (Clinical Physiotherapy Specialist), and explore:

  • What growth plate injuries may occur in skeletally immature athletes?
  • The case study of a young athlete with misdiagnosed pain over the acromioclavicular joint (ACJ)
  • A recap of acromial apophylysis and distal clavicular osteolysis.
  • What are the common mechanisms of injury for ACJ?
  • How are ACJ injuries classified?
  • What are the limitations of ACJ injury classifications?
  • Why are there often differences in ACJ injury classification between X-ray and MRI?
  • How can ACJ imaging lead to incorrect return to play timeframes in mature athletes?
  • In paediatric patients, what differential diagnosis do you need to keep in mind with an apparent ACJ injury?
  • How does imaging help guide prognosis and treatment in younger athletes with ACJ injuries?
  • How can growth plate injuries be identified?
  • Can patients have a slipped humeral epiphysis?
  • What are the most common humeral fractures
  • What are humeral Salter-Harris fractures?
  • Which fractures may impact future growth in the humerus?
  • When is imaging absolutely required in paediatric shoulder injuries?
  • What is “little leaguers shoulder” and why is it important to identify this early?
  • When is glenohumeral internal rotation deficit (GIRD) relevant in lateral humeral pain?
  • What are the risk factors for shoulder pain in young athletes?
  • What causes GIRD in paediatric and skeletally mature athletes?
  • What tests help with diagnosis in stiff shoulders?
  • When is GIRD relevant?
  • Why should the term “shoulder impingement” be avoided?
  • How can you describe shoulder pain to patients?
  • Can osteolysis of the whole scapula occur?

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