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Are you looking to improve your assessment & treatment of runners? Would you like to know exactly what to look for in a running assessment? What are the most important factors to treat when your running patients have achilles tendinopathy? How is that different when they have patellofemoral joint pain (PFJP)? The research around running is evolving quickly, and with Dr Rich Willy we explore the latest evidence and how it will help you address the most important factors with different musculoskeletal issues.

You will also discover:

  • How to perform a running gait analysis
  • Key communication points with runners
  • How to explain your gait analysis & running injuries to your patients
  • Important questions to ask runners
  • Intensity runners should train at to avoid illness and injury
  • Technology you can incorporate in your running assessment and retraining
  • Important factors when treating runners with PFJP and achilles tendinopathy
  • Does pronation & foot mechanics matter?

I have an awesome freebie for you with this podcast!

You can download free the podcast handout that will take you through the 8 essential areas to analyse when performing a running assessment, communication tips, advice to give your running patients during their recovery and much more.

Links mentioned in this episode

Some papers of interest:

i. Patellofemoral Joint and Achilles Tendon Loads During Overground and Treadmill Running

ii. In-field gait retraining and mobile monitoring to address running biomechanics associated with tibial stress fracture: In-field gait retraining and monitoring

iii. Mirror gait retraining for the treatment of patellofemoral pain

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