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Hip dysplasia is a commonly missed cause of hip and groin pain. In this podcast, which is part 2 in the 3 part series with Tom Goom (Running Physio), you’ll discover three types of hip dysplasia that will cause different symptoms and need different treatment (based on Wilkins et al. 2017), how to identify each type, and common exercises and a treatment approach that may be stirring up your patients hip and groin pain.

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  • 03:12 - Signs & symptoms
  • 06:05 - Assessment
  • 08:05 - 3 types of hip dysplasia
  • 08:28 - Anterior instability
  • 09:58 - Posterior instability
  • 11:42 - Lateral/global instability
  • 13:29 - Key takeaways


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Stingers or burners are a burning or stinging pain, often with some paraesthesia and occasionally weakness, often occurring in impact sports such as rugby or American football.

When your patients present with neck and arm symptoms, how can you differentiate a stinger or burner from a C/sp fracture, discogenic symptoms or nerve root compression, which all require very different treatment?

How should you manage patients with one-off or repeated stingers or burners?

Find out in this podcast with Jo Gibson (Upper Limb Rehabilitation Specialist Physio).

The handout for this podcast consists of a transcript, summary and articles referenced in the podcast.

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Articles associated with this episode:


  • 03:56 - What are stingers or burners?
  • 08:13 - 3 key mechanisms 
  • 14:36 - Signs & symptoms
  • 15:36 - Management guidelines
  • 18:46 - Shoulder instability treatment


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