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Patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA) often believe their knee is “bone on bone”, exercises will wear out their knee more and they just need a knee replacement. This narrative can make it difficult to motivate your patients to perform knee rehab exercises that have the potential to improve their pain, function and quality of life.

How can you shift the narrative, educate your patients with knee OA so they “buy in” and perform an effective knee rehab program, and get better results with your treatment?

In this podcast with Dr JP Caneiro you’ll discover:

  • How to start your patient on a rehab program when they have fear avoidance, and don’t want to exercise.
  • How to help patients have a positive response to your treatment, experiencing better movement, function or pain with exercise and movement.
  • How to encourage your patient to share their narrative and perspective, so you can start addressing this with your treatment.
  • How to accurately describe OA to your patients and provide a positive narrative.
  • How to help patients recognise load and lifestyle factors that are influencing their pain and movement.
  • How to modify patients’ unhelpful behaviours and integrate new movement strategies into daily activities.
  • How to manage flareups and provide patients with self-management strategies.

Enjoy this podcast with Dr JP Caneiro and hosted by David Pope and Clinical Edge now to improve your treatment of knee OA.

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