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Dry Needling has become incredibly popular in Physiotherapy recently. Is dry needling really the way forward for Physios?

In this podcast I chat with Andrew Hutton of Dry Needling Plus, presenter of the Dry Needling Plus courses for Clinical Edge, and we discuss dry needling and whether it complements regular Physio treatment. Some of the topics we cover include

  • What are the different styles of dry needling?
  • How can dry needling be used in sporting populations?
  • How to know immediately if your needling has been effective
  • What is the evidence for dry needling
  • Studies show decreased ROM with needling, is it possible to improve ROM with dry needling
  • How does changing ROM actually relate to a patient’s pain?
  • Some clinical scenarios where dry needling could be incorporated

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When should Transversus (TA) be included in your patient rehab? When is TA retraining a waste of time? Is planking good for anything other than entertaining your mates? How can we go beyond just treating the pain experience to connect with your patient and improve their performance.

In Episode 6 of the Physio Edge podcast, I chat again with LJ Lee, this time covering TA, “Core Stability”, and more including:

  • Retraining TA in your treatment
  • Planks
  • Running like a block of wood with legs
  • McGill’s Big 3 exercises
  • Body “flow” and agility Vs stiffness and rigidity
  • Specificity of exercise
  • How can the Cervical Spine affect knee pain in a squat?
  • The Discover Physio Series
  • “Salsa in your ribcage” and breathing
  • The impact of intra-thoracic pressure on the pelvic floor

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Linda-Joy Lee

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Stuart McGill

“See What I’m Saying” by Rosenblum

“Mindsight” by Dan Siegel

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