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Patients with knee osteoarthritis (OA) often have a sensitive and painful knee, and are reluctant to use or exercise it, feeling that it’ll just further “wear out” the joint.

In this podcast with Dr JP Caneiro (Specialist Sports Physiotherapist, PhD) you’ll discover how to assess and rehabilitate knee OA patients, including:

  • Subjective questions you need to ask knee OA patients.
  • How to use your subjective assessment to identify tests to perform in your objective assessment.
  • How to identify patient fears and negative beliefs that will interfere with rehab and limit progress.
  • Objective assessment tests you need to perform.
  • How to differentially diagnose knee OA from other causes of knee pain.
  • How to assess patients’ functional ability.
  • How to use palpation in your assessment of knee OA.
  • Where to start your treatment.
  • What to do if your patient is performing knee exercises and their pain is not improving, or getting worse.
  • How to break through negative patient beliefs so you can get your patient on the road to better knee health, movement and pain.

Enjoy this podcast with Dr JP Caneiro, hosted by David Pope and Clinical Edge now to improve your treatment of knee OA.



  • 09:04 - Knee OA myths & misconceptions
  • 14:07 - Subjective questions
  • 15:33 - Patient fears & beliefs
  • 24:07 - Subjective follow up questions
  • 30:44 - Objective assessment
  • 41:40 - Functional assessment
  • 42:09 - Palpation
  • 50:45 - Where to start treatment
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