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Acute and chronic groin pain is common in sports, however diagnosis can be challenging. A thorough understanding of pathology around the hip and groin and when pathology relates to symptoms, knowledge of potential red flags, along with patterns and symptoms associated with each diagnosis is vital in guiding your treatment of hip and groin pain.

In the first of two podcasts on hip and groin pain with Physiotherapist and Extended Scope Practitioner Benoy Mathew, we explore:

  • How you can use the patient history to help your diagnosis and treatment
  • Important questions you NEED to ask all of your hip and groin pain patients
  • Sources of hip and groin pain - intra and extra-articular
  • How you can identify referred pain from the lumbar spine and SIJ
  • How you can identify important red flags around the hip and groin
  • When you should refer your patients for further investigations, medical assessment and surgical opinion
  • How you can identify osteoarthritis in younger patients
  • Differentiating hip impingement, labral pathology and hip dysplasia
  • When to request X-ray or MRI
  • Identifying and understanding iliopsoas pain and pathology

This is a vital podcast for anyone that treats hip and groin pain, and is highly recommended listening before Hip & groin pain part 2 - Assessment & Treatment with Benoy Mathew coming soon.

As mentioned in this episode Benoy is presenting a webinar with Clinical Edge. The webinar will discuss:
• Rehabilitation of adductor and iliopsoas related groin pain
• Practical tips
• Common presentations
• Osteitis pubis, sports hernia, hip impingement
• Rehabilitation from initial stages to plyometrics

CLICK HERE to enrol on the free webinar “Rehab of adductor and iliopsoas related groin pain” with Benoy Mathew

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