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All golfers want to hit as far as Tiger Woods, but without the injuries. How can you treat the injuries in your golfing patients, prevent further injury and improve their “coachability” and performance?

Golfers regularly need Physio treatment for injuries like tendinopathy around the elbow, low back and neck pain, and plenty of other injuries. In episode 8 of the Physio Edge podcast, I chat with Matt Green of High Performance Golf about

  • Common golf injuries
  • How to assess and treat golfers
  • Technique errors that contribute to injury
  • Tendinopathy around the elbow
  • Assessing the golf swing
  • Strengthening and motor control
  • Advice to give your golfers and
  • plenty more.

If you treat golfers, or would like to treat more golfers, get stuck into this episode free on iTunes, and brought to you by the podcast sponsor Clinical Edge.

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Dry Needling has become incredibly popular in Physiotherapy recently. Is dry needling really the way forward for Physios?

In this podcast I chat with Andrew Hutton of Dry Needling Plus, presenter of the Dry Needling Plus courses for Clinical Edge, and we discuss dry needling and whether it complements regular Physio treatment. Some of the topics we cover include

  • What are the different styles of dry needling?
  • How can dry needling be used in sporting populations?
  • How to know immediately if your needling has been effective
  • What is the evidence for dry needling
  • Studies show decreased ROM with needling, is it possible to improve ROM with dry needling
  • How does changing ROM actually relate to a patient’s pain?
  • Some clinical scenarios where dry needling could be incorporated

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When should Transversus (TA) be included in your patient rehab? When is TA retraining a waste of time? Is planking good for anything other than entertaining your mates? How can we go beyond just treating the pain experience to connect with your patient and improve their performance.

In Episode 6 of the Physio Edge podcast, I chat again with LJ Lee, this time covering TA, “Core Stability”, and more including:

  • Retraining TA in your treatment
  • Planks
  • Running like a block of wood with legs
  • McGill’s Big 3 exercises
  • Body “flow” and agility Vs stiffness and rigidity
  • Specificity of exercise
  • How can the Cervical Spine affect knee pain in a squat?
  • The Discover Physio Series
  • “Salsa in your ribcage” and breathing
  • The impact of intra-thoracic pressure on the pelvic floor

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“Mindsight” by Dan Siegel

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What causes tendon breakdown? What are the stages of tendinopathy, and how do they effect your treatment? Is it just about eccentric training for tendinopathy? When should NSAID’s be used?

This is part of the great discussion I had with Jill Cook about tendons and tendinopathy. We also chatted about some other aspects of tendinopathy, including

  • Factors that contribute to tendinopathy beyond biomechanics
  • Eccentrics - what is the future of training to rebuild tendons
  • Return to sport or running after tendinopathy
  • Avoiding tendinopathy
  • Treatment at each stage of tendinopathy
  • Rehabing achilles tendinopathy
  • Rehab for hamstring tendinopathy

plus we related all of these to clinical scenarios. Enjoy!

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Jill Cook

Craig Purdam

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Acetabular Labral tears in the hip are becoming more commonly diagnosed and operated on. In this episode, I chat to Nichole Hamilton, a Physio with a lot of experience treating hips, designing post-op arthroscopic hip protocols and lecturing about the hip. Some nice insights into hip injuries and diagnosing and treating labral tears.

This week we talk about all sorts of issues around the hip, including:

  • Diagnosing labral tears Labral tear symptoms What causes a labral tear?
  • Activities that contribute to labral tears When is surgery required for labral tears
  • When is conservative treatment a good option
  • Kicking sports - what muscle control is required What is the role of psoas
  • Dancers - what activities and positions load the labrum How can maximum hip range of movement be attained safely
  • Posterior pelvic tilt or tuck - how does this relate to the hip
  • Progressing exercises to incorporate functional positions

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Andrew Ryan is a Sports Physio with the Australian Qantas Wallabies, and in this weeks episode Andrew and I chat about acute injury management, player screening, on-season treatment, corks, and adductors. Some great insights into elite sports management.

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Analyse movement using your manual skills and palpation, plus insights into what clinical expertise and “Evidence Based Practice” really means - an interview with LJ Lee.

This podcast is brought to you by Physio Edge, your host David Pope, and the podcast sponsor, Clinical Edge.

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Fascinating insights into pain, painful experiences, and neurodynamics from one of the world's leading neuroscience and pain experts. Learn why we (and out patients) experience pain, the latest research in pain and pain management. Learn how to talk to your patients to reduce their pain experience, when pain is more from joints or the periphery, and how to use neural glides.

Brought to you by Physio Edge - and your host, David Pope

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