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In this second podcast on hip and groin pain with Physiotherapist and Extended Scope Practitioner Benoy Mathew, we explore:

  • How you can assess the hip and groin
  • How to assess the lumbar spine, SIJ and the lower limb for factors contributing to your patient’s groin pain
  • Tests you can perform to identify the source of your patient’s hip and groin pain
  • Identifying hip joint involvement
  • How to start your patient’s hip and groin exercises
  • When to incorporate exercises for local hip stabilising muscles
  • When you need to utilise and progress hip strengthening exercises
  • Exercise progressions you can use
  • How to strengthen while you lengthen the hip flexors
  • When and which plyometric exercises your patients can perform
  • When speed and agility work can be incorporated

In the first podcast with Ben Mathew “Hip and groin pain part 1 - diagnosis, pathology and red flags” with Benoy Mathew", we explored pathology around the hip and groin and when pathology relates to symptoms, knowledge of potential red flags, along with patterns and symptoms associated with each diagnosis is vital in guiding your treatment of hip and groin pain.


As mentioned in this episode Benoy presented a webinar with Clinical Edge. The webinar helps you discover:
• Rehabilitation of adductor and iliopsoas related groin pain
• Practical tips
• Common presentations
• Osteitis pubis, sports hernia, hip impingement
• Rehabilitation from initial stages to plyometrics

CLICK HERE to watch the webinar “Rehab of adductor and iliopsoas related groin pain” with Benoy Mathew with a free trial Clinical Edge membership

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