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How can you treat your patient’s lateral elbow pain (lateral epicondylalgia (LE)/tennis elbow)? How and when should you progress your patient’s exercise program? Is pain during their exercise program ok?

In this episode, which is Part 2 of Lateral Elbow pain with Dr Leanne Bisset, we explore in detail how you can differentially diagnose LE from other causes of lateral elbow pain, and treat it successfully.


  • Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of LE
  • How to get the best outcomes for your patients when treating LE
  • Do isometrics work?
  • How can you commence strengthening?
  • Should your patient experience any pain during their exercise program?
  • When and how can you incorporate Mobilisation with Movement into your treatment program?
  • How to perform MWM’s for LE
  • How to progress your treatment
  • Identifying and treating radial nerve involvement
  • Incorporating strengthening for the upper limb
  • High level athletes and weightlifters with lateral elbow pain - is this likely to be LE or another condition?
  • Identifying nerve root irritation with pain over the lateral elbow
  • Taping methods to deload the lateral elbow when there is nerve involvement
  • Clinical reasoning of your treatment
  • Predictors of poor treatment prognosis
  • When to order imaging
  • Evidence for and against other treatment strategies including the Cyriax approach, massage, laser, ESWT, corticosteroids and PRP
  • Validated screening tools for LE, including the PRTEE

In this episode, Leanne answers a lot of your questions on LE, asked via Twitter and the Clinical Edge newsletter. 

Dr Leanne Bisset is a Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy lecturer and researcher at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia who has extensively researched and published on lateral elbow pain, and spends a large proportion of her clinical time treating the upper limb and lateral elbow.

This is a two part podcast, followup up Lateral Elbow Pain Part 1, episode 44 of the Physio Edge podcast, David Pope and Dr Leanne Bisset.

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