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The thorax is often considered stiff and stable by Physiotherapists and manual therapists, and precious little of our undergrad or postgrad training incorporates motor control of this area. Is it really important?

In episode 24 of the Physio Edge podcast, Dr LJ Lee and David Pope explore the function of the thorax, the impact the thorax can have, not only on thoracic pain, but also on other parts of the body. We discuss the  Thoracic Ring Approach™ created by LJ, which incorporates manual techniques to assess and treat the thoracic rings, and integrates motor control training for this area. In this podcast you will learn:

  • What bones and joints make up a “Thoracic ring”
  • What is the Thoracic Ring Approach™  
  • Is the thorax inherently stiff?
  • What is ideal motor control of the thorax?
  • How can listeners identify non-optimal control of the thorax in their patients
  • How can motor control of the thorax be trained?
  • Identifying articular/joint restriction vs neuromuscular factors interfering with normal thorax movement
  • How can the thorax impact on other areas of the body eg the hip
  • When is manipulation of the thorax ideal?
  • What are some guidelines for manipulation of the thorax?

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