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How can you incorporate high performance elements into your sports injury rehab, to help your injured players and athletes become strong, fit, powerful and fast? How can you rehab a player to perform at a high level when they return to sport following injury?

In Physio Edge podcast episode 78, David Joyce shares how you can improve the performance aspects of your rehabilitation. You will discover some of the key elements when managing high performance athletes and sporting teams. If you work with injured athletes at an elite, recreational or junior level, or would like to work with a sports team, you will love this podcast.

In this podcast, David Joyce and David Pope discuss:

  • How to help athletes move from being a junior player to performing at an elite level
  • How to help players build tolerance and resilience to cope with high level sport
  • How to create "elite level people", not just "elite level players"
  • What makes a player likely to succeed?
  • Schedules and weekly programs you can use to prepare junior players
  • What load should a junior player perform during preseason relative to a senior player?
  • When players need to be exposed to higher loads
  • How to schedule training and running to prevent bony and soft tissue injuries
  • How many running sessions per week should players perform?
  • "Earning the right" to run at full speed
  • How to structure strength sessions do players perform
  • Incorporating plyometrics
  • What load measures are actually important
  • Important screening questions to ask your players
  • How to return injured players to high level sport
  • How many weeks of full training do ACL injured players require before return to play
  • Key tests to perform for your players
  • Tips when objectively testing athletes

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