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How can the pelvis contribute to pain and dysfunction? Is the SIJ the main pain producer around the pelvis, or what is? What is the state of current research around the pelvis? Is it possible to feel “unlocking” of the SIJ? Do Pelvic Upslips exist?

In episode 18 of the Physio Edge podcast Diane Lee of Diane Lee & Associates and David Pope discuss the pelvis and SIJ in detail, including:

  • palpation around the pelvis
  • how can you palpate for unlocking of the SIJ
  • what role the pelvis has in low back pain
  • how the pelvis can be affected by other areas of the body
  • does the current research support unlocking of the pelvis
  • how can the thorax affect the pelvis
  • when should you perform deep abdominal or multifidus training

And then we dive into Paediatric musculoskeletal development, including

  • footwear for kids
  • sporting activities for kids
  • should kids sit in chairs or on the floor
  • is a simple ankle sprain all that simple
  • advice for parents
  • children’s furniture and lots of other great info that will help you when treating or bringing up kids

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