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Following ACL injury, patients can have a smooth recovery with full return to sport and activity, or end up with ongoing knee symptoms and limited ability to perform the activities they love. How can you help your ACL injured patients have a great outcome?

In Physio Edge podcast episode 079, Dr Lee Herrington and David Pope explore how to make your ACL injury rehab successful, and provide you with a comprehensive guide to rehabilitate ACL injuries. You will understand how to take your patients from initial injury to return to sport, and develop the knowledge to help inform your patients decide with your patient whether surgical repair or conservative management is their best option.

You will discover:

  • Do ACL injuries require surgical management?
  • Which factors commonly affect whether people with ACL-deficient knees require surgery?
  • Common diagnostic errors in ACL injury patients
  • What are the key elements you need to include in your rehab of ACL injuries?
  • Conservative vs surgical management
  • Should your rehab focus on movement control, strength or skills?
  • How you should objectively assess your patients rehab progress?
  • What valid measurement tools can you use when assessing patient progress?
  • Are open-chain exercises safe, and should they be used in your rehab?
  • Most effective types of movement control and skill training
  • How to know when your patient should progress their exercises?
  • Which strength measures are important?
  • Which strength training exercises can you include?
  • When can running be commenced?
  • Running progressions you can use
  • What pain measures should you monitor throughout rehab?
  • Is pain during rehab ok?
  • How to return your patient to training and sport
  • What maintenance exercises should your patient continue after completing their rehab?


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