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Shoulder pain - what are the causes, and how can you treat it? Are your special tests around the shoulder really isolating and identifying pathology? How can the rotator cuff still function with small and large tears?

In Episode 21 of the Physio Edge podcast, Jeremy Lewis and David Pope discuss these questions and more including:

  • What is the value of special tests around the shoulder?
  • What diagnosis can you provide your patients for their shoulder pain
  • How can you identify if you need to focus your treatment on the scapula, glenohumeral joint, cervical spine or thorax?
  • How can you identify a rotator cuff tendinopathy?
  • What is the Rotator Cable, and how is it important in rotator cuff tears?
  • Is the acromion really the cause of “impingement” or subacromial pain?
  • If a patient has a biceps tendinopathy and a rotator cuff tendinopathy, which should be treated first?
  • What contributes to biceps tendinopathy?
  • Theraband - valuable?
  • When imaging of the shoulder is valuable, and when it is a waste of time Frozen shoulder - what treatments work well

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