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Adductor related groin pain is the most common diagnosis for athletes with groin pain. In this episode of the Physio Edge podcast you will discover how to assess and diagnose adductor related groin pain, identify or exclude differential diagnosis including stress fractures, hip joint involvement, inguinal related groin pain and nerve entrapment.

Dr Adam Weir is a Sports Physician with a PhD on groin pain, the lead author for the Doha agreement meeting on terminology and definitions in groin pain in athletes, who currently shares his time between the Aspetar sports groin pain centre and the Erasmus University Hospital Academic Centre for Groin Injuries in Holland. Adam will take you through exactly how to perform an assessment around the hip and groin, how to interpret your findings and how to explain your diagnosis to your patients. You will explore:

  • The common presentation and symptoms of someone with adductor related groin pain
  • Structures that are commonly involved
  • Aggravating and easing activities
  • Area of pain, and new research highlighting unexpected pain referral areas from the adductor tendons
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Bone stress injuries around the hip and pubic bone
  • Genitofemoral nerve entrapments - symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
  • Red flags
  • Acute versus chronic presentations
  • Adductor related versus pubic related groin pain
  • How to perform an assessment, including screening tests
  • Tests you need to incorporate into your assessment
  • Identifying and diagnosing all the structures contributing to a patient's symptoms
  • What is the value of imaging and when should it be performed?

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