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ACL injuries commonly occur during pivoting and change of direction sports. What is the best way to manage these injuries? Are your patients suitable for conservative managment or will they require surgery?

In Physio Edge podcast 052, David Pope and Enda King discuss acute management of ACL injuries, and how you can help your patient decide whether to have conservative or surgical management.

We also explore:

  • What is the latest research around ACL injury
  • What leads to an ACL injury, and how is this important in your rehab?
  • What are the outcomes following ACL injury
  • How can you make clear decisions on when your patient is ready for return to training and return to sport
  • What biomechanics lead to ACL injury
  • What role does trunk control have in ACL injury
  • A patient example with an ACL injury
  • Conservative vs surgical management
  • Post injury management
  • Timeframe for surgery
  • Who is suitable for conservative management
  • How to prepare your patient for the extended rehab process following ACL injury
  • Strength and power training in ACL rehab
  • Youth and adolescent ACL injury management
  • How to manage concomitant chondral and meniscal injury
  • When can your patient return to running

You can download the free podcast handout that will take you through lateral knee and LCL injury assessment and rehabilitation by clicking here.

Get your free access to videos on sports injury assessment and treatment, including accelerated rehabilitation of LCL injuries with Matt Konopinski.

Enda King will also be presenting at the Sports Injury Virtual Conference hosted by Clinical Edge along with the world leaders in sports injury management.

How can you manage ACL injuries conservatively? What are the important components of ACL rehab to help your players return to sport? Enda’s presentation will take you through ACL rehab to address common strength and biomechanical issues found in athletes with ACL injuries. Discover exactly how to progress your conservative management of ACL injuries, and when your players can return to running and sport.




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